‘Guardian’ Columns

French, C., & Marshall, M. (2018).
Why communication from a ‘locked in’ child is a miracle we must question
. 5/2/18.

French, C., Gregory, A. M., & Denis, D. (2017).
What is exploding head syndrome?

Social recall: factors that can affect false memory. 29/3/16

Satanic child abuse claims are almost certainly based on false memories. 18/11/14

Contributor to panel asking “Do ghosts exist?” 13/10/14

Pope Francis and the psychology of exorcism and possession. 9/7/14

John F Kennedy: 50th anniversary of a conspiracy theory. 22/11/13

Confessions of an Alien Abductee exploited its unfortunate subjects. 18/6/13

The unseen force that drives Ouija boards and fake bomb detectors. 27/4/13

Halloween Challenge: psychics submit their powers to a scientific trial. 31/10/12

Why won’t psychic Sally Morgan accept our invitation to test her powers? 22/10/12

Why giving polygraph tests to sex offenders is a terrible idea. 10/8/12

How true to life are the psychics and psychologists in Red Lights? 15/6/12

Precognition studies and the curse of the failed replications. 15/3/12

Astrologers and other inhabitants of parallel universes. 7/2/12

Psychic Sally Morgan hears voices from the other side (via a hidden earpiece). 20/9/11. [Subsequently removed from Guardian’s website.]

False memories of sexual abuse lead to terrible miscarriages of justice. 24/11/10

Martin Gardner: 1914-2010. 25/5/10

A suitable case for libel? 31/3/10

Church must accept reality of false memories of childhood sexual abuse. 1/3/10

Close encounters of the faked kind. 10/11/09

The waking nightmare of sleep paralysis. 5/10/09

Anomalistic psychology, Lesson One: Seeing is not believing. 9/9/09

Spoon-bending for beginners: Teaching anomalistic psychology to teenagers. 11/8/09

‘Witch hunt’ forces chiropractors to take down their websites. 20/6/09

Scientists put psychic’s paranormal claims to the test. 12/5/09

Families are still living the nightmare of false memories of sexual abuse. 8/4/09

A sceptical enquiry. 9/3/09